RON MOOR - Nu-Gaze, Alternative Rock Ron Moor does not want to...

RON MOOR – Nu-Gaze, Alternative Rock

Ron Moor does not want to compromise. At a time when we categorize, when we sanitize, Ron Moor makes both a cloudy and clear art. With catchy and melodic anthems and intimate balads, the music of Ron Moor takes us from the confines of early 2000s Nu-Gaze to the current hyper-electronic destructuralism, through the powerful radical 90s alternative rock. Unsatisfied by nature, he controls brilliantly (and undisguised exigency) the full range of his art, made of vintage and modern pieces, alternating uncompromising entertainment mainstream and incisive artistic vision.

Ron Moor grew up in the West of France, but his spirit was somewhere else. Rocked by the music of Garbage, Silverchair and other American bands of the 90s, Ron Moor built up to himself very early an asserted artistic universe. His music vacillates between an ultra-airy pop and a mainstream rock with indisputable efficiency, mixing brilliantly powerful guitars and breath-taking electronic pads, reminding bands like Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars or Linkin Park.

After producing his first single ‘We Are The Broken‘ in 2012, Ron Moor released in November, 2013 his first album ‘Starshine‘, auto-produced between his French studio and Los Angeles. Mixed by Luc Tellier (Simple Plan, Marie-Mai) and Damien Bolo (C2C) in Montreal, ‘Starshine‘ reveals all the extent of Ron Moor’s musical pallet, mixing catchy rock anthems (Princess, A Brand New Day), symphonic ballads (You Saved My World, Evyta) and unanswerable singles, like the track ‘Cast In Stone’, playlisted on more than 70 French radios.

The music of Ron Moor widely expands on stage, accompanied by Jé DeWasser on drums, in concerts marked by an impressive sound power and fascinating lights that arouse deep scenic feelings.

Do not hesitate one moment to discover, live or on record, the universe of this new artist who will not stop drawing attention!


Live Band

RON MOOR – Vocals, guitar